About Us

We promise to make grocery shopping a pleasant experience for you!

Klick2Orderis an online grocery store which aims to provide convenience for all its customer . Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. The focus is on providing the products which are essential for daily needs. The major categories of products are Flours & Dals, Baby Care,Personal Care, Breakfast & Confectioneries and many more.


We aim to reform the grocery shopping experience. You can find everything you need under one destination Right from Rice and Dals, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products– we have it all.

Why Klick2Order.com?

Klick2Order.com gives you an all new shopping experience. You can discover new products and shop for all your food and grocery needs from the comfort of your home or office. You don’t need to get stuck in traffic jams, carry heavy bags, go back to get wrong products exchanged, compromise your brand preferences and many more. Online Food & Grocery shopping is now easy as every product on your monthly shopping list, is now available online at Klick2Order.com,online grocery store.

Klick2Order is a day-to-day online grocery shopping site which offers different features than other online grocery sites. It provides reliability of your own local vendors/shopkeepers and feel free concept to go to shopkeepers simply sitting at home. It works in three easy steps

Make a list of grocery items => Click the picture of list => Upload the list => Get Quote me back features or just order to any specific shopkeepers/vendor.

If you want to enter the items manually, then type the items list and submit.

Quote me back feature makes Klick2Order unique in row of online groceries by providing “Quote me back”.

What is Quote me back?

This is an option to consumers for getting different price quotes from different vendors/shopkeepers for the same list of groceries, it means one product and negotiated price.